Bicomponent filler for wood

photo product filler for woodWhen speaking of bicomponent filler for wood refers to a mastic, that is a glue, the use of which is increasingly common in many areas: the merits of its many qualities that make it recommended in multiple situations. It is a very versatile filler, which can be used for the restoration of a frame as well as for the realization of a parquet: the possible applications are many.

The most relevant characteristic of bicomponent filler for wood is represented by its composition to fine paste, the peculiarity of which is the styrene content reduced. This putty is based on pigments of wood fibers selected and especially of unsaturated polyester resins dissolved in styrene monomer. The resins are thermosetting, which means that, after the catalytic reaction, have the ability to harden by virtue of organic peroxide and amine accelerators. Precisely for this reason the use of the bi stucco component is also motivated by practical reasons: once laid, it ensures an optimum result both from the point of view of effectiveness from the point of view of timing.

It should not be forgotten, then, the aesthetic dimension. This putty ensures perfect results on a visual level, and also in case of repairs or restorations the difference compared to the original parts in not apparent.

The bi component filler, in summary, is perfect for anyone working with wood: commercially available in sizes practical and in different colors, is devoid of xylene, benzene and toluene. Its qualities, for another, you can appreciate both immediately and in the long term: it is, in fact, an extremely durable, able to provide excellent performance even with the passing of years, ensuring a flawless adhesion and avoiding the risk of detachments or cracks.