Quick water-based waterproofing treatment, it can be used on damp surfaces. Its hydro and oil repellent action does not allow the penetration of food fats, water, oil and moisture inside the stone. Its special formulation allows the support to breathe naturally, guarantees internal perspiration, allowing the internal humidity to get out preventing the formation of mould. It can be used on surfaces where accidental contact of food with the treated surface is possible. It does not create films when dry and it does not change the natural colour of the surface on which it is applied.


Application: Apply the product on a clean, dry or slightly damp and dust-free surface. Spread homogeneously with a brush, a roller, a cloth, a sponge, a fleece or a mop. Allow to dry for 24 hours before proceeding with further stone treatments. If applied on particularly hard and slightly absorbent stones, remove any excess product once dried. on rough or absorbent surfaces, the product does not need to be removed. For outdoor applications: after washing the substrate carefully and waiting at least 3 days for a complete drying, apply up to 4 coats of product with a distance of 3 hours between one coat and the other.



  • Tin 1 lt. da 12 pz.
  • Tin 5 lt. da 2 pz.
  • Can 25 lt. loose
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