Polyester resin based filler with metallic pigments suitable to repair rusted metal sheets. It adheres very well to the surface to be repaired thanks to its hardness and strength superior to any other normal fillers. Kindly note that “ALL” filler does not replace the metal sheet when it acts on the areas above the vehicle structure. Thanks to its easy application it can be used as a traditional filler.

Application: Apply the product on a clean, degreased and roughened surface after mixing the filler with the hardener according to the suggested percentage. Once cured, it is possible to sand the support. Do not accelerate curing with heaters or infrared radiation. Do not use on thermoplastic and anti-rust surfaces, paints and degreased cast iron. Do not return the product mixed with the catalyst into the can.

Shelf life at 20 °-relative humidity 40-50%: 12 month.



  • Tin 750 ml. da 12 pz.


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