Multi-functional polyester resin based filler with the same characteristics of GLOBAL filler, but with a much lighter texture that makes it suitable for finishing works  and to fill in small holes and imperfections. Its perfect  adherence on galvanized, electrogalvanized and aluminum sheets does not affect the intrinsic properties of the product. Easy to apply, fast drying, quick and easy final sanding.

Application: Apply the product on a clean, degreased and roughened surface after mixing the filler with the hardener according to the suggested percentage. Once cured, it is possible to sand the surface. Do not accelerate curing with heaters or infrared radiation. Do not use on thermoplastic and anti-rust surfaces, paints and degreased cast iron. Do not return the product mixed with the catalyst into the can.

Shelf life at 20 ° - relative humidity 40-50%: 12 month. 


  • Padella 750 ml. da 6 pz
  • Cart 850 ml. da 12 pz.
  • Can 4 lt. da 4 pz.
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