Unsaturated polyester resin that can be applied together with fiber glass. It can be used to repair or reinforce bent and rusted surfaces made of metal support or reinforced polyester. 

Application: The surface must be rough and sanded. Sand a few centimeters beyond the edge of the area to be repaired. Apply the fiber glass and shape the edges so there won’t be any difference between the good part and the repaired part. The fiberglass must cover the consolidated surface from 2 to 4 cm more on the outer perimeter. Spread the impregnating resin previously mixed with the hardener using the brush supplied in the box, then apply fiberglass again and impregnate again. Repeat as often as necessary. To obtain a total impregnation the resin must become totally transparent. Avoid over-hardening by mixing the two components carefully. Once dried the resin portion in contact with the air will remain slightly sticky; we recommend to use a  filler before sanding.


  • Kg. 1,200 da 6 pz.
  • Kg. 0,600 da 6 pz.
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