LUCIDO is a concentrate of noble waxes solved in non-flammable solvents. It has an excellent polishing power able to level all the imperfections caused by wrong previous polishing process. It is recommended to give shine and bright to old opaque surfaces. Thanks to its anti-dust action it is particularly indicated for: bathrooms, kitchens, floors, tables and windows sills.

Application: Apply the product on a dry and clean surface homogeneously with a cloth. Let it acts at least for ten minutes and then hand polish with a steel wool or mechanic polish. The more the product is left to dry, the better will be the result. Ready for use, do not dilute.

1 kg. of product is enough to cover around 35 sqm of polish granites and marble surfaces with a 800 grain. On sandstone, terrazzo or polish surfaces polished with a grain superior to 800, 1 kg of product is enough to treat around 25 sqm. Do not use on lino, laminated or plastic supports.


  • Tin 350 gr. da 30 pz.
  • Tin 1,3 kg. da 15 pz.
  • Tin 1 kg. da 15 pz.
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