O.L.D. is a waterproofing product with antique look. It prevents the penetration of water, oil, fat and humidity into the stones. It can be used on granulated, brushed, etched and flamed surfaces. It gives to the stone a glazed and wet effect; it prevents the formation of moulds.


Application:  Apply the product on a clean and dry surface with a cloth, brush, roller or fleece. It is recommended to use a brush to obtain a deeper penetration into cavities, corners and cracks. After one hour from the first coat apply again the product and then let it dry for 24 hours.

Product ready to use. With 1 lt. of product is possible to treat around 40-50 sqm of polished and smoothed marble or granite surfaces with a grain superior to 800. Whereas, to treat sand stone, terrazzo or smoothed surfaces with a grain superior to 800, with 1 Lt. of O.L.D. it is possible to treat around 20 smq.


  • Tin 1 lt. da 6 pz.
  • Tin 5 lt. da 2 pz.
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