Black Silicone-based pigmented Hydro and oil repellent treatment ideal to brighten the color of black marble, black granite and black stone. It does not form any film on the surface and penetrates deep into the stone; resistant also on external supports. Excellent resistance to UV rays: thanks to its anti-static and anti-adhesive action allows the holder to stay clean in time. It intensifies the colour of the stone; suitable to cover every imperfection of the stone.
The surface must be dry and clean. Any trace of stains, mildew
or crusting must be eliminated otherwise they would be encapsulated
and their subsequent removal would be difficul. Apply
with a brush, a roller or by spray. It is recommended to apply
the product with a brush to get a better penetration of the protective.
Do not dilute the product. Small parts can be treated by
immersion or with a sponge soaked with product and dab the
material. Once treated the support must let dry for 24 hours,
then remove any residual with a cloth. To reach the complete
polymerization must be let dry for 7 days. In case of treatment
on underfloor heating turn off the heating and let the floor cool
before applying the product, the temperature of the stone must
be between 10°C and 30°C. Before use read carefully recommendations printed on packaging. Test before use.
  • Barat. 750 ml da 12 pz.
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