Bi-component polyester filler reinforced with fiberglass which gives an inner  structure that increases the mechanical strength of the product. Recommended for reparation and restoration of body parts subject to the greatest stresses and shocks (for example the bumper). 

Application: Apply the product on a clean, degreased and roughened surface  after mixing the filler with the hardener according to the indicated percentage. To provide the best support of the filler to the hole to be filled in, it is recommended to bend a few millimeters towards the inside edge of the hole to be repaired. Once cured you can proceed to sanding. Do not accelerate curing with heaters or infrared radiation. Do not use on thermoplastic substrates rust, paint and degreased iron. Do not return the product mixed with the catalyst into the can. 

Shelf life at 20 ° - relative humidity 40-50%: 12.


  • Tin 125 ml. da 18 pz.
  • Tin 500 ml. da 12 pz.
  • Tin 750 ml. da 6 pz
  • Can 4 lt. da 4 pz.
  • Can 28 kg. loose
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