WOOD FILLER made of polyester unsaturated resins dissolved into monomer styrol and pigments of selected wood fibres. Benzol, toluol and xilol free. The polyester resins are termo setting and have as peculiar feature the property to set for catalytic reaction by aminic accelerators and organic peroxides.


Cautions: Do not apply on thermostatic support, antirust and antirust primer. The surface of the support should be roughed with grinder and grease free. Do not accelerate drying time by using heaters or infrared radiation. Do not add rest of dry filler back to the original can, which should be kept and well closed.

MIXER LEGNO, at 20°C and with and H.R. of 40-50 can last at least 12 months.


  • Tin 125 ml. da 18 pz.
  • Tin. 500 ml da 12 pz.
  • Tin 750 ml da 12 pz.
  • Cartridges 850 ml. da 12 pz.
  • Can 4 lt. da 4 pz.


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