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In 1981 the founder, Mr Giancarlo Rinaldi, driven by the typical spirit of initiative that characterizes Emilian people,  decided to open his own company after years of experience in the mastic manufacturing industry, years that allowed him to acquire the basic skills to start his own business.

"TECHNO-PLAST" was born and from the very start the company’s main activity hasn’t changed: FILLERS FOR WOOD - MASTICS FOR MARBLE - BODYWORK FILLERS.

At the beginning it was only a small establishment, only a little new-born company trying to conquer the market with its products. A few years later it had to face one first big problem which threatened the survival of the company: a big fire destroyed Mr Rinaldi’s dream. However he was able to rebuild the company and got back in the business very quickly especially thanks to the strong cooperation with his suppliers, the faith and the reliability shown to them during his first years of activity.

The company restarted its activity, profits were good and at the end of the 80's Mr Giancarlo’s son, Mr Daniele Rinaldi, joined the  management of this family-run company.

During the early 90’s our products made their first appearances on foreign markets thanks to important partnerships with some of the main international companies operating in the building & construction industry: those partnerships are still alive and constantly consolidating year after year.

In the meanwhile Mr Daniele Rinaldi has become CEO of the company and at the beginning of the new century he moved the company’s headquarters from the original location to a newer, larger and modern one.

Luckily the economic crisis of 2008 didn’t affect the export sales at all. On the contrary, all the efforts made in the previous years are showing a positive feedback of our presence in international markets, above all in the Middle East countries where our high-quality products have become increasingly dominant and are paying back years of excellent partnerships, professionalism and a total commitment to customers.

Finally, in 2013, “Techno-Plast” made a further step by entrusting all the experience and skills gained over the years to the current “CHIM-ITALIA GROUP” in order to continue its development, being constantly up to date and being always competitive on both domestic and international  markets.

Chim Italia Group” owes it to its staff, workers and employees, who have always shown a total dedication and professionalism to their jobs, always help each other and never stop contributing to the development of the company: they all deserve our gratitude.

Together since more than thirty years to build a better future.



Our main products are:






The best quality for your special requests: NEW BUSINESS CHANCES

CHIM-ITALIA GROUP follows the usual Italian manufacturing traditions: all our products are made of the best raw materials and by using modern technologies in order to guarantee the best quality. OUR DAILY PRODUCTION OF MASTIC, GLUE AND FILLER IS AROUND 30.000 KGS AND IS SUITABLE FOR MARBLE, WOOD AND BODYWORKS. We can meet any requests from our customers by developing new colors, new sizes, new products and new brands. Our Graphic Office is always open to help our customers with the choice of a private brand or to create a totally new brand made exclusively for them.


Worldwide shipping: A CHALLENGE

CHIM-ITALIA GROUP’s strength is the human contact with customers and their sense of cooperation: this has given us the chance to establish an excellent national and international Back Office Customer Service. We usually ship nearly 30/40 containers to several worldwide destinations every month.



Thanks to our 30 years of experience we can provide our customers a full excellent service: a domestic Sales Office for our Italian customers and an Export Department for any foreign market. Should you be interested in any of our products or simply wish to receive further information about our company, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Service: we will be glad to give the right answer to all your questions.