Unsaturated polyester resin based on orthophthalic acid, dissolved and pre-accelerated. This resin combines good mechanical characteristics, low shrinkage and high wetting power toward the reinforcing fibers and mineral fillers. It is suitable for the production of car bodies, bathroom fixtures, helmets, parts of industrial machines and other items requiring good mechanical characteristics. Thanks to rheological characteristics, it is mainly used for the manual training  of flat workpieces, for the press-molding at low or medium temperature, for the production of synthetic marble and marble agglomerates. Thanks to the low shrink during the polymerization is ideal for producing manufactured articles with high thickness.

Application: Apply the product on a clean, degreased and roughened surface after mixing the filler with the catalyst according to the suggested percentage. Once cured, proceed to work as usual. Do not accelerate curing with heaters or infrared radiation. Do not use on thermoplastic substrates rust, paint and degreased cast iron. Do not return the product mixed with the catalyst into the can. 

Shelf life  at 20 ° - relative humidity 40-50%: 12.


  • Tin 750 ml. da 6 pz
  • Can 4 lt. da 4 pz.
  • Can 10 lt. loose
  • Can 20 kg. loose
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